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Preliminary Programme

The teams and teamleaders are staying at Wik, 23 km southeast of Uppsala, and they are transported from Wik to Fyrisskolan in the morning and back in the afternoon if nothing else is mentioned. The independent jurymembers are staying in hotel Linne in the vicinity of Fyrisskolan and will walk back and forth.

Tuesday, July 1st
 The day of arrival
Wednesday, July 2nd
 9.00Opening ceremony
Setting up of groups by drawing lots
13.00First round of competition
Thursday, July 3rd
9.00Second round of competition
14.00Third round of competition
Friday, July 4th
9.00Fourth round of competition
14.00Cultural programme
Saturday, July 5th
9.00Fifth round of competition
14.00Meeting of IOC in Uppsala
17.30Grillparty at Wik
Sunday, July 6th
Monday, July 7th
9.00Final round of competition
15.00;The closing ceremony
Tuesday, July 8th
 The day of departure